Friday, 21 December 2012

We need volunteers in 2013 - want to help a small secular publisher grow?

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2013 is going to be a big year for the Rationalist Association. We're launching a brand new website (see a preview page), which will expand our online publishing and grow our membership, and we're planning a series of events.

So we're going to need some help. First thing to say is at the moment we are looking for volunteers - meaning the positions will not be paid. We can pay some expenses but at the moment we are not offering salaried positions. We are a charity and looking for people who share our aims to donate some time.

If you're not put off by that here's the deal: we need extremely bright, competent and confident people to help us out with online publishing, editing, marketing, social media, event co-ordination, and whatever else comes up.

If you might be in a position to donate a day or two on a regular basis this is what we need:

People with the following skills:

High level of literacy and ability to write clear compelling prose
Attention to detail (including ability to proof read)
Strong online skills including familiarity with Twitter, Facebook, CMS
Ability to work professionally in an office environment
Ability to travel to our London Bridge office

Also Desirable:

Experience with publishing software (Adobe CS)
Experience with audio/podcasting (recording, editing, uploading)
Familiarity with online email and CRM programmes
Marketing/Copy-writing skills
Experience with databases
Multimedia - photography, video
Design skills
Journalistic experience

Volunteers will be based at our London office in Southwark.

A volunteer position would ideally suit someone studying journalism or a related field, though we'll consider every application carefully on its own merits.

Hours and length of the volunteer period are negotiable.

If you are interested please send your CV with a covering note to

We'll be looking at applications in January and will contact appropriate candidates then. We'll try and acknowledge all applications but can't guarantee a response as we are a small team (which is why we need help!).
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