Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Humanist Advent Podcasts December 1: Stephen Fry

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Back in 2008, when our Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People shows were in their first year, we cooked up an idea with Robin Ince that we're still very fond of. Every day through Advent, we uploaded a short podcast featuring a Nine Lessons performer or a friend of the magazine in which they answered two simple questions:
  • If they could hold an annual celebration in honour of any scientist from history, who would it be?
  • Which science-related gift would they most like to receive?
As it's now been four years, and Nine Lessons is celebrating its fifth year, we thought we'd bring them back. So be sure to check in every day through December for a short podcast featuring a well-known voice from comedy or science – later contributors include Richard Dawkins, Josie Long, Simon Singh, Chris Addison, Ann Druyan and Ricky Gervais.

But you don't have to wait until later for the big names – to get us started, here's none other than Stephen Fry.

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