Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Imprisoned Egyptian atheist released on bail

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Alber Saber has been released on bail, but still faces a
three-year sentence for blasphemy
Alber Saber, the 27-year-old Egyptian atheist who was last week sentenced to three years in prison for "insulting an Abrahamic religion", has been released on bail pending appeal.

Index on Censorship's Egypt correspondent Shahira Amin was able to interview Saber as he was signing papers for his appeal at the court. Stating that “no price is too high for freedom”, he vowed to continue to fight for free expression in Egypt, and said that he was lucky to be alive after facing violent attacks from fellow inmates in Cairo's El Marg prison.

Saber's lawyer Ahmed Ezzat expressed his concerns for religious freedom in Egypt under Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, pointing out that a new draft constitution contains a ban on “insulting prophets.

Read the full story on the Index on Censorship site.

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