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Editors pick their top 10 articles from 2012

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Here's a list of the top ten articles published by New Humanist this year, as selected by our crack team of editors. In no particular order...

31 arguments against gay marriage (and why they're all wrong) by Jason Wakefield – Far and away our most shared article this year was Jason Wakefield's witty debunking of arguments against gay marriage. 

No more lies by Alom Shaha – The breakout star of atheism this year was ex-Muslim Alom Shaha, whose book The Young Atheist's Handbook helped to show that non-belief is an option for everyone.

An atheist at Alcoholics Anonymous by Frank B – Can an atheist be cured by AA? This powerful and wonderfully written piece by an ex-addict gives the answer.

D'oh my God: faith in The Simpsons by Andrew Mueller – Fat, yellow and hopeless. Yes, Andrew Mueller was the perfect choice to write about how everyone's favourite family do God.

Q&A: Iain Banks – Not just a great writer but, as revealed in this short interview  a mordant wit and all round good bloke. He also told us that New Humanist is his favourite magazine. 

How to defend free speech by Nick Cohen – A step-by-step guide to defending free speech from one of the best and most intellectually consistent liberal writers in the business. What's not to like?

No fire, no brimstone: an interview with Alain de Botton – The pop philosopher wants atheists to take the best bits from religion and leave out the bad. Our verdict? "Like trying to remake Star Wars with no Darth Vader".

Phony war by Paul Sims – The government and the religious establishment seem determined to wage war on secularism, and are making themselves looking very silly in the process. Our News Editor surveyed the British culture wars.

Circumcision: time to cut it out by Toby Lichtig – In June a German court ruling against circumcision brought the issue to the front of the news agenda, and exposed strong feelings among secularists, many of whom feel the practice should be banned. We asked Toby Lichtig, himself a circumcised secular Jew, to negotiate the ethical minefield

I may as well be a unicorn by Jamila Bey – What is it like being an African-American atheist, growing up in a culture steeped in religiosity? US journalist Jamila Bey wondered whether she really exists at all.

Malicious intent by Beena Sarwar – Blasphemy hit the headlines in 2012, with violent, shocking results. Pakistani journalist Beena Sarwar looked at the situation in her home country, where punitive blasphemy laws with their roots in the colonial period are used to prop up conservative Islam and perpetrate horrific human rights abuses.

Racing the Popemobile by Laurie Taylor – When a Milan taxi driver comes up against His Holiness and entourage, there can only be one winner. Laurie Taylor reported from the passenger seat.
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