Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lord Carey draws parallels between gay marriage reform and Nazism

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Another day, another nominee for our 2012 Bad Faith Award. The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has actually spent most of the year talking himself into contention through his opposition to gay marriage and his warnings of anti-Christian persecution in Britain, but it would appear he has decided to up his game following the opening of the Bad Faith nominations process.

Because, surely, that's the only logical explanation for why he would choose to say the following at an anti-gay marriage fringe event at the Conservative Party conference yesterday, with reference to Nick Clegg's recent suggestion that opponents of the marriage reform are "bigots":
"Let us remember the Jews in Nazi Germany. What started against them was when they started to be called names. And that was the first stage towards that totalitarian state. We have to resist them. We treasure democracy. We treasure our Christian inheritance and we want to debate this in a fair way."
For analysis of quite why this statement is at best deeply ignorant and at worst staggeringly offensive, read this post by Guardian blogger and occasional New Humanist contributor Martin Robbins. And look out for the opportunity to vote for Carey in the Bad Faith poll later this month – the only question surrounding his place on the shortlist concerns whether we should include all the individuals who have made irrational statements in opposition to the equal marriage reforms, or simply put forward the Coalition for Marriage as a collective nomination. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: The Telegraph's Tom Chivers (himself no fan of the former Archbishop) has looked at Carey's comments in their fuller context, and suggested that critics have been wrong to attack him on this occasion. Take a look at his post and see what you think.

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