Thursday, 7 June 2012

Petition calling on Catholic Church in India to drop complaints against Sanal Edamuruku over exposure of miracle

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Sanal Edamuruku at the Church of Our Lady of Velan Kanni
As we have reported several times in recent weeks, the fearless Indian rationalist campaigner Sanal Edamuruku is facing arrest over his exposure of a supposed miracle at a church in Mumbai.

In March 2012, Sanal pointed out that the “blood” oozing from a statue of Christ at the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Velan Kanni in Vile Parle, Mumbai was in fact water from a leaky pipe. Following his exposure of this "miracle", a complaint was lodged against Sanal by the local Catholic Archdiocese with the Mumbai police, who are now able to arrest him. He has been denied 'anticipatory' bail which means if arrested he faces a long term in prison merely for explaining the science behind an apparent mystery.

Today, we have launched a petition calling on the Catholic authorities in India to drop their complaints against Sanal, which amount to a misuse of Indian hate speech law in order to silence legitimate scientific criticism of religious superstition.

It is vital that word of Sanal's plight, and the Catholic Church's censorious use of Indian law, is heard around the globe, and we ask you to offer your support by adding your name to the petition. By clicking through to the petition, you will also find a detailed account of the legal arguments being used against him.

Sign the petition calling on Catholic authorities to drop their complaints against Sanal Edamuruku
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