Thursday, 31 May 2012

The spirit of Paul the Octopus lives on as psychic animals gear up for Euro 2012

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Citta the Elephant will predict Euro 2012 results from her
home in Krakow Zoo
Back in 2010, a humble German octopus named Paul defied rational science and stunned the world by making a series of correct 50/50 decisions, predicting the correct outcome for all his country's matches in the World Cup, as well as the result of the final between Holland and the champions, Spain.

Tragically, Paul is no longer with us but, as the football gears up for this summer’s European Championships in Poland and Ukraine, his legacy thankfully lives on in the forms of a psychic pig and a clairvoyant elephant, both of which will offerpredictions for the big games.

The pig, imaginatively named “Psychic Pig”, will reside in a special pen outside the main stadium in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, selecting the likely winner of each game by choosing from plates of food tagged with the flags of the competing nations, while the elephant, called Citta, will make her predictions from her home in Krakow zoo by choosing apples labelled with the correct flags.

For those debating whether to bet their houses on the creatures’ choices, it’s worth noting that Citta recently secured her place as Poland’s psychic animal ahead of a donkey and a parrot by correctly predicting Chelsea’s recent Champions League final win over Bayern Munich. Psychic Pig’s powers, however, have yet to be tested.
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