Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spanish artist on trial over 1978 "How to Cook Christ" video

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Javier Krahe is charged with "offending religious feelings"
over a 2004 broadcast of his 1978 film "How to Cook
Jesus Christ"
Spanish folk singer Javier Krahe has gone on trial in Madrid this week, charged with "offending religious feelings" as a result of a 2004 television broadcast of a short film he made in 1978 entitled "How to Cook Jesus Christ".

The full 54-second film is embedded at the end of this post, but for those who can't take a look right now, here's a synopsis from the Independent's report on the case:
"The film uses culinary language and images to show viewers how to 'remove the nails and separate him from the crucifix, which we leave to one side' before the white ebony figure of Christ is shown being lightly smothered in butter, placed on a bed of aromatic herbs in a glass tray, and popped into an oven. Another culinary 'guideline' recommends using a proportion of 'one gaunt Christ' for each two potential diners.

'After three days inside, he comes out of the cooker by himself!' is the film's punchline as the oven door opens unassisted and the tray with the "cooked Christ" slides magically forwards."
Krahe's short film was banned in Spain under censorship laws when it was originally released in 1978, but it was used by a Spanish TV network in 2004 as part of a programme about the artist and his provocative work. The case against Krahe has been brought by a Catholic legal organisation, the Centro Juridico Tomas Moro, and follows two failed attempts to prosecute him over the broadcast. According to the Centro Juridico, the law against "offending religious feelings" has not previously been invoked in a Spanish court.

Krahe has been bailed for €192,000, and says he will go into exile in France if he is convicted.

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