Thursday, 24 May 2012

Event: Find out how to live forever, Thursday 31 May

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Next week's debate at London's Conway Hall, Four Ways To Live Forever, which I'm chairing, is shaping up to be a fascinating evening. Stephen Cave, who kicked it all off with his book Immortality (here's his piece for us summarising the argument) will start with a historical perspective, looking at how successive civilisations and generations have found their own language to discuss their dreams of immortality (from ideas of the after-life to notions of legacy).

This will be followed by Catherine Mayer, who has written a book called Amortality about contemporary ways of "living agelessly". For the book Mayer hung out with the gurus of death-cheating Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey (cranks or visionaries? Perhaps she can tell us), and she also visited an "age management clinic in Las Vegas", whatever that might be. Can't wait to hear more.

Then we have biologist Lewis Wolpert, who will be talking about the actual science of ageing, which he explored in his book on ageing You're Looking Very Well, whether death can be defeated, and whether we should even try. So if you're around in London next Thursday, 31 May, do come down. No booking required, first come first served, £7 on the door, £5 for Rationalist Association members, starts at 7pm.

(NB: For the next issue of New Humanist we're working on a handy guide to the whole cheating death gang: Singularians, transhumanists, Cryogeneticists and the rest.)

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