Monday, 28 May 2012

Islamic fundamentalists force Lady Gaga to call off Indonesia concert

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Lady Gaga has cancelled her Jakarta concert
following fundamentalist threats
A couple of months ago I blogged on how a sell-out gig by Lady Gaga in Indonesia had angered some of the country's Islamic scholars, who were outraged that the singer would be bringing her skimpy outfits and outlandish dance routines to the capital, Jakarta. Cholil Ridwan, chairman of an influential Muslim organisation, the Indonesian Council of Ulema, provided the money quote at the time, expressing his concern at what Indonesian Gaga fans would be exposed to when they attended the concert:
“The concert is intended to destroy the nation’s morality. She is from the West, and she often shows her aurat [private parts of the body] when performing."
The gig was due to take place on 3 June, but Gaga was this weekend forced to cancel following threats from the fundamentalist Islamic Defenders Front, which claimed it had supporters with tickets to the event who would take action to stop it once inside.

Following news of the cancellation, the Islamic Defenders Front expressed its delight that the singer had withdrawn from the 50,000 capacity concert:
"This is a victory for Indonesian Muslims. Thanks to God for protecting us from a kind of devil."

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