Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Holy Redundant: BHA launches campaign to get the Bishops out of the Lords

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Under the current proposals, the Bishops look set
to retain their seats in Parliament
As I reported on Monday, it's looking increasingly likely that the government's proposal for reforming the House of Lords will include provision for retaining the automatic seats for Bishops, after the joint parliamentary committee examining the issue backed a plan to keep 12 places for the Church of England.

Following that news, the British Humanist Association has launched Holy Redundant, a new campaign against the proposal that puts forward the arguments in favour of finally removing the Bishops from Parliament, and ending Britain's status as the only country other than Iran to have seats reserved for clerics in its legislature.

You can see all the details over on the campaign's website, where you'll also find a handy section debunking the arguments often deployed in favour of keeping the Bishops in the Lords.
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