Monday, 12 March 2012

Westboro Baptist Church picket Radiohead gig

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Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead,
'Freak monkey's with mediocre tunes
keeps you busy and focused by lightness'
We have our disagreements over Radiohead's music in the New Humanist office (I'm a big fan, whereas my editor once wrote this), but it would appear that none of us feel as strongly as the Westboro Baptist Church, who used the band's gig in Kansas City as the focus of their latest picket.

You may wonder why Radiohead, in particular, have drawn the ire of the rabidly homophobic group, but you are unlikely to be any wiser after you've read the reasoning offered on their website:
"God is speaking to you by the mouth of Westboro Baptist Church, Doomed america. You have failed and refused to humble yourself at that Word of God. You do that against your own interest.

You have stolen the Word of God from your people and children, and as a sorry substitute, you prop up lightness and lies. You try to get the people to look at the nonsense and not at the wrath of God that abides upon them. "Look at the circus monkey over there and the fluffy setting, blah, blah..." Meanwhile, God is undoing this nation and effecting all of your lives, with the moth that quietly eats the very fabric of your national garment. Radiohead is just such an event. Freak monkey's with mediocre tunes keeps you busy and focused by lightness. It changes nothing, God is undoing and digging up and throwing down this nation."
 I'll leave you to figure that one out.
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