Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pro-choice campaigners to hold protest against abortion clinic picket

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The controversial 40 Days for Life picket has been outside
the BPAS building in Bedford Square for several weeks
(Photo by Sunny Hundal/Liberal Conspiracy blog)
In the last few weeks, Britain's pro-choice campaigners and abortion providers have become increasingly concerned about the use of US-style anti-abortion tactics outside clinics in the UK. In London a Lent-long "prayer vigil" is currently being held by a group called 40 Days for Life outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service clinic in Bedford Square, while in Brighton a similar picket is being staged by a group named "Abort67". Both groups have been accused of harassing women attending abortion clinics.

Now, the Guardian reports that pro-choice activists are fighting back, with a protest planned in London for 30 March. It will take place in Bedford Square, on the same day that the Catholic bishop of Westminster, Alan Hopes, is due to attend and lead the 40 Days for Life picket.

The protest is being organised by the Bloomsbury Pro-Choice alliance, with support from the Abortion Rights group. There's a Facebook event page with further details.
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