Monday, 19 March 2012

Lady Gaga concert has Indonesia's Islamic scholars hot under the collar

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Lady Gaga's Jakarta concert has been
condemned by Muslim scholars
Pop superstar Lady Gaga has been troubling Islamic scholars in Indonesia, after tickets for the Jakarta leg of her world tour sold out last week. Indonesians snapped up the 25,000 tickets for the 3 June gig in less than two hours, but it would seem the singer's fan base in the world's largest Muslim country does not extend to religious leaders, who have condemned the event as haram, or forbidden.

While admitting that he had never actually seen or heard a Lady Gaga performance, Cholil Ridwan, chairman of the influential Indonesian Council of Ulema, warned that the concert could have a damaging effect on the country's Muslims:
“The concert is intended to destroy the nation’s morality. She is from the West, and she often shows her aurat [private parts of the body] when performing."
Ridwan's condemnation of Gaga received the backing of a local imam, Ali Mustafa Yaqub. “Perform naked only in front of your husband,” he said, explaining that on-stage nudity is forbidden in Islam.

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