Monday, 5 March 2012

Footballer sues church for depriving him of career with Manchester United

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Old Trafford, or the Theatre of Dreams
Denied by Evangelical Faith
A former semi-professional footballer is suing the British arm of the Baptist World Alliance, claiming that the 19 years he spent as a "fervent evangelist" in the Baptist faith deprived him of the chance to play for Manchester United.

Forty-six-year-old Arquimedes Nganga, who now lives in Forest Hill, London, but used to play for a Third Division side in his native Portugal, converted to the faith in 1989, and quit football two years later at the age of 25, devoting himself to his new religion. The London Evening Standard reports that he is now suing the church, accusing it of "destroying his social life, causing him 'psychological harm' and defrauding him of money through compulsory donations.

Nganga earned £200 per week playing semi-professionally, but says he could have earned £20,000 at a top English club had he not been deceived "into following false beliefs":
"I could definitely have had a long career in the Premiership. I see many players playing today who I am not inferior to - and perhaps even better than. Most midfielders are either defensive or attacking but I was both. I had something new." 
All of those who have dreamed of an elite sporting career will no doubt sympathise with Nganga, and perhaps even look to emulate his legal battle. With this in mind, I am taking this opportunity to announce that I am suing Marlboro, the British drinks industry, numerous takeaways in both the north and south of England, and my own abject lack of talent for deceiving me in my late teens and early twenties and depriving me of the England captaincy and a fruitful career at a leading Premier League club. Wish me luck.
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