Monday, 12 March 2012

Delia Smith vs New Atheism: celebrity chef takes the battle to Richard Dawkins

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Delia Smith
The God debate took an unlikely turn this weekend, as celebrity chef Delia Smith stepped forward in defence of Britain's status as a Christian country. Smith recently launched a Lent Appeal on her website, raising money for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD), and began her introduction to the fundraising drive by suggesting that believers are being marginalised in the UK:
"I’m here to ask a favour. What prompted this? Lent. Now, I am aware that - just at this time in our history - Lent could be an emotive word. I am, as you may or may not know, a passionate believer but of late, we are somewhat under the cosh.

There is a running battle going on in the press, and militant neo-Atheists and devout secularists are busting a gut to drive us off the radar and try to convince us that we hardly exist."
The Daily Mail picked up on this, and in their story headlined "Passionate Christian Delia Smith mounts defence of religion in face of 'running battle' with 'militant neo-atheists'" the chef trained her sights on Richard Dawkins:
"Atheists have been saying that Christianity is dying. He did a survey which said we were not a Christian country, which was cheeky – and not true. Secularists and believers have got to work alongside each other. But Christians are alive and kicking. I probably will be saying more on this subject. I am concerned about it."
Could the New Atheists have finally met their match?
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