Friday, 13 January 2012

Stephen Green knows why Tesco's profits have stalled

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Tesco's support for Gay Pride has brought a plague upon its house
Some of you may have heard that Britain's largest supermarket chain, Tesco, endured a disappointing Christmas, causing shares in the company to fall by 16 per cent when the news was announced yesterday. But why did Tesco perform so badly? Was it because the economic crisis has prompted shoppers to rein in their spending? Or because Tesco has pursued a misguided strategy which prioritised low price over good value, as Deborah Meaden from Dragons Den suggested on Newsnight last night? Or was it because of the creeping erosion of the moral bedrock of British society due to the politically correct promotion of gay rights?

It was, of course, the last one, as explained by evangelical retail expert Stephen Green:
"Tesco’s announcement that it was giving £30,000 to Gay Pride came in early November and Christian Voice quickly mobilised prayer and action. The action included emails to directors and leafleting at stores, making ordinary shoppers aware of the store’s support for depravity. We were already disappointed with Tesco’s secret sale of fresh halal lamb and chicken, and their arrogant refusal to label it ‘ritually slaughtered’. But the ‘Gay Pride’ decision was even more serious.
Our prayer – which we said ‘will humble proud Tesco’ – centred on a desire that the Tesco board would rescind the decision, which has not happened yet. Indeed their announcement on 23rd December made matters worse.

We also prayed for confusion in the Tesco boardroom. As the ‘Big Price Drop’ was launched in September, it seems that Almighty God, who operates outside space and time, was well ahead of us, anticipating our prayers, and seeing by our actions that our prayers were serious. Significantly, we prayed for a drop in their share price, which, with £3b erased from the value of Tesco, has been answered on what you could describe as a Biblical scale.

On top of that, their ‘Gay Pride’ announcement, made six weeks before Christmas, could not have come at a worse time for them. It was madness to think that such brazen support for the tiny 1% of the population who are homosexual could have a positive effect. As a result, thousands of Christians and other decent people boycotted the store at what should have been its busiest time of the year.

I now call on Tesco to see sense before their company is ruined. Don’t display the arrogance of Pharoah. Withdraw the grant to Gay Pride. Apologise to the decent families upon whose patronage their business depends. Deal better with your suppliers. And label ritually-slaughtered meat so people can see what they are buying."
If you were planning to purchase any economics textbooks this weekend, don't – they are currently being rewritten.

[Via Liberal Conspiracy]
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