Friday, 28 October 2011

Talking Dorries on the Pod Delusion

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I think we all owe Nadine Dorries some thanks for giving us something to talk about this week. Since she launched her attacks on humanists, responding to her nomination for our Bad Faith Award by suggesting that humanists in general are extremists who support infanticide, I've had cause to publish two blogposts (this and this) on the subject, and it feels like we've discussed little else on Twitter and Facebook. And now, if you like, you can also listen to me talking about it on the Pod Delusion podcast, as editor James O'Malley popped by our office yesterday to interview me about the history of the Bad Faith Award, this year's runners and riders, and runaway leader Dorries' charges of humanist extremism.

You can find out more about the Pod Delusion and listen to this week's show on their website, or alternatively listen directly using the embedded player below (the stuff on Dorries starts at 1:42, with me at 7:12, but do listen to the whole show if you can – it's very good).

As for the Bad Faith Award, Dorries is currently destroying the rest of the field with 52 per cent of the vote. If you haven't already voted, you can do so using this poll.

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