Thursday, 20 October 2011

November/December issue of New Humanist out now

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Our new issue is out today, and the cover is graced by none other than The Pub Landlord himself, providing one of his proofs that God is British (“the Bible’s in English, isn’t it?”). While the guv’nor is something of a believer, the man behind him, comedian Al Murray, is anything but and he tells us why, and what motivated his hugely popular character in our Q&A.

Nor is the Landlord the only man of faith in this issue, which features a prudence of vicars (that’s the correct collective noun, according to the internet anyway): popstar-turned-radio-personality-and-country-priest Richard Coles confesses all to Caspar Melville, Petty Officer Chris Holden tells us about being the only atheist at a memorial for the fallen in Afghanistan, and Natalie Haynes reviews the latest outing of crime-fighting cleric Merrily Watkins in our book reviews.

But it’s not all fun and frocks. Alice Onwordi’s investigation into the international trade in female genital mutilation makes sober reading, as does Mia Bloom’s examination of the rise of the female terrorist. Intellectual heft is provided by Kenan Malik, whose powerful essay "The Last Crusade" puts paid to the myth of the Christian West, and Paul Sims’ interview with ex-Met man Bob Lambert, who has been accused of colluding with extremists in the fight against jihadi terror.

All this plus our nine highlights from three years of Nine Lessons, Marcus Chown on ring galaxies, Jonathan Rée on those who have fought with God and Forward-prize winning poet John Burnside on spirituality without religion. Finally don't miss Laurie Taylor on how he almost got caught in a scam.

To get your copy, why not take the rational option and subscribe for just £21 (£25 non-UK)? Or you will find us in hundreds of stores nationwide, including selected WH Smiths (use the store finder box on our home page to find a stockist).
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