Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Humanist Podcast October 2011: Chavs, Nine Lessons and football

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We've just published the latest New Humanist podcast, in which we bring you interviews with two of the contributors to the latest issue of the magazine, plus a look ahead to the return of our rational live Christmas shows Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People.

First, we talk to Owen Jones (00:40), whose debut book Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class (Verso) has been credited with reopening the tough debate around class in modern Britain. Owen describes the reaction to the book in his article for New Humanist, and in the podcast we ask him how his arguments have fared in light of the August riots, which saw him catapulted into the spotlight as a media commentator (he was in the Newsnight studio when historian David Starkey infamously declared that "the whites have become black").

Next, comedian Robin Ince (11:07) enters our studio/meeting room to discuss his plans for the forthcoming Christmas rationalist shows, plus what else he's been up to and what he thinks of our new offices. Listen for news of some surpsise potential musical guests at this year's shows.

Finally, journalist Sam Delaney (17:12) talks faith and football. He's a staunch West Ham fan, and when they were relegated from the Premier League last season, the religious parallels in his blind faith became all-too apparent. They're outlined in his piece in our current issue, and he discussed them with us in the podcast.

To listen to the podcast, which is just under 23 minutes long, use the player below, subscribe via RSS or email, or download the full file via our podcast page, where you can also find the full archive of the podcasts we published during 2008-9. We're also on iTunes - just search for "New Humanist" in the store and select the podcast subtitled "The podcast for godless people".

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