Monday, 12 September 2011

Evagelism by post for Jersey residents

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Exciting news for residents of Jersey – an evangelical CD is to be delivered to every household on the Channel Island after postal service bosses reversed a previous decision not to deliver the discs.

The CDs, which feature a dramatised audio recording of St Mark's Gospel, were produced by the Christian ministry Switch On and intended for delivery to all Jersey addresses until a postal service employee classified them as "offensive material" that could not be delivered.

However, post chiefs have not reversed the decision, and managing director Kevin Keen has issued a profuse apology:
"We got it horribly wrong. I am trying to get hold of the sponsors of the project and I have apologised profusely. If they want us to deliver it, then we will deliver it. I know who did it and they got it wrong. The person took the decision about whether we should distribute religious material and that was completely wrong of them and not the policy of this company."
So the people of Jersey can now look forward to receiving their free dose of unsolicited evangelism, although if the comments on the local newspaper website are any guide, it isn't a prospect that fills the islanders with glee.

[Thanks to reader Reg Le Sueur for the link]
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