Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Papal knighthood

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As the phone hacking scandal continues to worsen, among the many groups with cause to question their relationship with Rupert Murdoch is the Catholic Church which, as several bloggers, most notably the excellent Richard Bartholomew, have pointed out, made the NewsCorp mogul a Knight Commander of St Gregory (a so-called "Papal Knight") in 1998, following sizeable donations to Catholic education funds.

Of course, the Catholic Church is hardly alone in cosying up to Murdoch, but I thought I'd mention the issue briefly, if only to draw your attention to the debate over the issue taking place on the Catholic Herald's website. The paper asks whether the knighthood should be rescinded, and a lively discussion follows in the comments – well worth a look if you have a few minutes.
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