Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rationalism comes to the theatre

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David Swain stars as lead character Will in Alternative
Anyone who enjoys seeing the credibility of homeopathy being diluted still further (was there ever any credibility to dilute?) may be interested to hear about a new play opening in London this summer. Produced by Trunkman Productions in association with The Nightingale Collaboration, an organisation launched by Simon Singh to challenge the questionable claims of alternative health practitioners, Alternative tells the story of a man trying to get to the bottom of an unusual illness:
"What do you do when you're unwell?  Go to the doctor, right?  So what happens when the doctors aren't helping? When they tell you they don't know what's wrong with you? That you have the strangest set of symptoms they've ever seen? That your test results look like David Lynch directed them. What then?

Alternative follows Will on his long, painful and frustrating journey to finding an answer. Stuck between a doctor new to the job, a nagging girlfriend, an infatuated fellow patient and a meddling homeopath sister, it's a battle on all fronts, and it is up to Will to decide who to trust, and at what cost.

Alternative is the new comedy from the award winning and critically acclaimed Trunkman Productions team.  It challenges us to consider the decisions we make, in matters of health and heart, when faced with our own mortality and what we expect, rightly or wrongly, of modern medicine."
Written by Trent Burton and directed by Melinda Burton (the award-winning husband and wife team – and discerning New Humanist readers – behind Trunkman Productions) – Alternative premieres with two performances at London's Etcetera Theatre on 2 and 3 August, during the Camden Fringe, before embarking on a longer run at the same theatre from 13-18 September. Tickets are available through TicketWeb. There's also a Facebook page for the play that you can join, should you choose.
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