Friday, 22 July 2011

Nine Lessons update - hurry if you want tickets

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly):

Nine Lesson and Carols for Godless People, our seasonal rationalist jamboree, is selling out fast. It runs 18-23 December at the Bloomsbury in London. 23rd is already SOLD OUT. Get your tickets now (Pic: Ed Byrne from last year's show)
Latest line up:
18-23 December 2011
All Nights
Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Helen Arney, Josie Long, Matt Parker, Martin White + Orchestra


18th - Darren Hayman, Alex Bellos

19th - Darren Hayman, Helen Keen, Mark Thomas, Alex Krotoski

20th - Issy Sutie, Chris Cox, Mark Thomas

21st - Issy Sutie, Jim Bob (of Carter USM)

22nd - Mark Miodownik, Jim Bob (of Carter USM)

23rd - Stewart Lee, Tim Harford

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