Friday, 8 July 2011

Just say No to the attack on sex education and abortion rights

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Recently on this blog we've been keeping a close watch on what appears to be a growing attack on women's reproductive rights and sensible sex and relationship education (SRE) in the UK. Just this year we've seen the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries launch an assault on both, targeting abortion rights through an attempt to change the rules on counselling for women seeking abortions, and SRE through the bizarre promotion of abstinence-based sex education for girls. We've also seen the elevation of anti-abortion groups by the government, with the anti-choice organisation Life being invited on to a new advisory forum on sexual health in place of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Pro-choice advocates have not been blind to these attacks. Last month, a diverse group of campaigners gathered to discuss how to answer the anti-choice agenda, and tomorrow central London will see a public display of support for the right to choose, as a rally organised by the Swansea Feminist Network takes place in front of the Houses of Parliament. If you'd like to attend and show your support, the place to go is Old Palace Yard, Parliament Square from 1.30pm.

For more on why we should say "No" to Dorries and stand up for abortion rights and sex education, read what Zoe Margolis, author of the sex blog Girl With A One Track Mind and an ambassador for sexual health charity Brook, has to say in our latest issue.
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