Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Humanist Podcast June 2011

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I've just published the June 2011 edition of our podcast, which features interviews with two of the contributors to our current issue. Writer and broadcaster Kenan Malik came into the office to discuss his critique of Sam Harris's argument that moral values can be derived from science, presented in Harris's new book The Moral Landscape, while human rights campaigner Richard Wilson spoke to us about his piece on the bogus witch-hunts in Malawi and Nigeria, and the work being done by local humanists to combat them.

The podcast music, which you'll hear at various points throughout, was composed by Andrea Rocca, exclusively for New Humanist.

To listen to the podcast, which comes in at just under 20 minutes, use the player below,  subscribe via RSS or email, or download the full file from via our podcast page, where you can also find the full archive of the podcasts we published during 2008-9, including the advent podcasts starring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Robin Ince, Dara O Briain, Richard Dawkins and many more.  We're also on iTunes - just search for "New Humanist" in the store and select the podcast subtitled "The podcast for godless people".

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