Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide to Evolution videos to launch on 25 May

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Baba Brinkman performing at Nine Lessons
and Carols for Godless People 2009
You may recall a few occasions in the past when we've plugged Canadian hip-hop artist Baba Brinkman, usually on account of his regular appearances at our Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People shows and his fantastic "peer-reviewed" Rap Guide to Evolution.

Late last year, we mentioned a "crowdfunding" drive Baba was running to raise the money to complete a series of Rap Guide to Evolution videos – in Baba's words "part Eminem-style rap music video, part David Attenborough-style nature documentary, illustrating themes such as the common descent of all human beings from African ancestors and the processes of natural and sexual selection that shaped our bodies and minds and the rest of nature". The required £12,000 was successfully raised through crowfunding, adding to initial funding provided by the Wellcome Trust, and the good news is that the videos are now finished, and will be launched later this month. Building on interest from science teachers, the videos will be available online and accompanied by learning materials for use in explaining evolution to students.

The website – (not live yet) – will be launched on 25 May at an event at London's Prince Charles Cinema, which will feature previews of the videos, as well as performances by Baba and an introduction to the thinking behind the project. Tickets are priced £8/10 and are available from the cinema.

One the website is live, the videos will be released in series over the coming months. There are also plans for a DVD version in the autumn.

Here's a preview video that Baba released back when he was running the crowdfunding drive.

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