Monday, 7 February 2011

Theme park changes location of a new ride because old site was "haunted"

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Just a quick post to bring you one of the more absurd stories you'll see today – the construction of a new ride, called Storm Surge, at Thorpe Park has been moved to a different area of the Surrey theme park after builders reported that the initial site was haunted by a headless monk. The park called in a "paranormal expert", Jim Arnold, who reported, presumably with the assistance of tried and tested scientific methods, that the area was indeed haunted:
"Results were picked up immediately, with orbs, ghostly images in photography and ouija reaction results being strongest around the site where they were proposing to build Storm Surge. The results were so strong we felt the only explanation could be that an ancient burial ground or settlement was being disturbed, prompting the extra paranormal activity."
As the Twitter follower who sent me the story points out, this "could of course just be a pre-summer PR campaign" (and here I am blogging it, so well done if it is), but if you ask me, Thorpe Park have missed a trick. I'd have continued construction at the initial location, and swiftly redrafted plans for a ghost train.
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