Friday, 25 February 2011

March/April issue out now: featuring Richard Wiseman on the science of spooks

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The new issue of New Humanist hit the newsstands yesterday, and we have to say we're rather pleased with it. Underneath that cover, in all its pastel purple glory, are several treats, starting with psychology professor Richard Wiseman's fascinating (and amusing) cover story on the scientific reasons why people see ghosts and gods – I've just put that up online, so have a read and keep the knowledge in your back pocket for the next time someone starts telling you how their old house was haunted or that there "must be something going on" in those Derek Acorah shows.

Also in the issue we ask whether the new free schools system will provide sufficient protection against religious schools teaching creationism and Intelligent Design. Worryingly, the evidence unearthed by our reporter James Gray suggests not. There's also science journalist Angela Saini's look at the confused meeting of religion and science in an increasingly-booming India, Winston Fletcher's survey of the biased nature of the census religion question, Laurie Taylor's interview with biologist Lewis Wolpert on the science of ageing, Jonathan Rée on Percy Shelley's atheism, Eliza Griswold on the conflict between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, and much, much more, including a gruesome report from an art exhibition featuring exhibits made from human tissue.

The magazine is on sale in selected branches of WH Smiths and independent newsagents around the country. To find out where your nearest copy is, you can now use our distributor Comag Specialist's search engine – simply put in "New Humanist" and your postcode and it'll tell you the locations of 10 stores in your area that have recently stocked copies.

Alternatively, you could always just subscribe – only £21 for the year (£25 overseas), and we'll throw in a pack of God Trumps for free.
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