Thursday, 17 February 2011

AQA exam board confirm that creationism and Intelligent Design will no longer appear on their biology papers

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The exam question from the 2009 paper
Yesterday, I blogged about the fact that a story concerning the inclusion of a question about creationism and Intelligent Design on a GCSE biology exam paper in 2009 had resurfaced via the websites of biologists Jerry Coyne and Richard Dawkins.

I pointed out that the exam board involved, AQA, had said at the time they would look into it, and that the 2010 paper didn't contain any mention of creationism and ID. However, just to check, I contacted AQA and asked if there had indeed been a change in policy. A spokesperson just got back to me, saying:
"The subject team have confirmed that future exam papers will not contain any questions on creationism or Intelligent Design."
This is good to hear. AQA, quite rightly, received a lot of criticism for including the question in 2009, so it's encouraging to know that they paid attention and ensured that the mistake would not be repeated.
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