Thursday, 27 January 2011

See Philip Ball talk about the "unnatural" at the Royal Institution

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Science writer Philip Ball, who wrote our current cover story on the enduring fascination with the monster myth, is speaking at the Royal Institution on 8 February on that very subject, marking the release of his new book Unnatural: The Heretical Act of Making People.
"Philip delves beneath the surface of the cultural history of ‘anthropoeia’ – the creation of artificial people – to explore what it tells us about our views on life, humanity, creativity and technology, and the soul. He suggests that, from the legendary inventor Daedalus to Goethe’s tragic Faust and the automata-making magicians of E.T.A Hoffmann, the old tales and myths are alive and well, subtly manipulating the current debates about assisted conception, embryo research and human cloning, which have at last made the fantasy of ‘making people’ into some kind of reality."
The lecture starts at 7pm on 8 February at the Royal Institution in Mayfair, and tickets are £10 (£7 concessions, £5 RI members). You can find out more and book a place via the Royal Institution's website.
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