Thursday, 27 January 2011

See Martin Rowson in conversation with Laurie Taylor

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Martin Rowson's cartoon of Laurie
Taylor in the current
issue of New Humanist
If you're a fan of our cover illustrations, you may be interested in seeing cartoonist Martin Rowson in conversation with our commissioning editor Laurie Taylor at London's Frontline Club:
"Although they are often ignored as a serious form of journalism, cartoons not only capture the flavour of a political era, they can provide some of the most enduring memories of politicians.

Cartoonist Martin Rowson will be speaking at the Club about the power of satire, how he uses cartoons to create acerbic critiques of the world of politics and politicians and explaining how he goes about his work."
That's on 1 February at 7pm - the full details are on the Frontline Club website, where you can also book tickets. Prices are: standard rate £12.50, early bird £10 (afraid I don't know what constitutes early bird, so check with Frontline) and concessions £8 (seniors/students).

As a footnote, the Frontline page on the event contains the following passage about Martin:
In 2001 Ken Livingstone appointed him London’s first Cartoonist Laureate in exchange for one pint of London Pride per annum. This payment is still six pints in arrears, and despite being apparently reappointed by Boris Johnson, not a single pint has been forthcoming from the current mayor.
I knew about Martin being the Cartoonist Laureate, but I was not aware of Ken and Boris's unpaid debts. I must say I'm shocked and appalled – surely the political integrity of both men will suffer as long as those pints remain unserved?
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