Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year... and now some reading - just what are the Institute of Ideas all about?

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly): rationalist.org.uk

Happy New Year to everyone who reads the New Humanist blog – I trust you all made the most of Christmas / the War on Christmas and are feeling suitably refreshed. After a lovely break this site is now creaking back into life, preparing to tackle anything the competing worlds of reason and unreason might throw this way in 2011.

To get you started, I've just uploaded one of my favourite piece's from the January issue of New Humanist, in which Richard Wilson investigates whether there's more to the Institute of Ideas and Spiked Online than hollow liberal-baiting. Are they really revolutionary entryists, committed to changing the world via ... well, contrarian online articles, or have the Institute's leading lights simply moved on from their Revolutionary Communist Party days?

We've had our fair share of criticism from Spiked in the past (as has Richard), and the Institute of Ideas has attracted criticism of its own from the likes of Nick Cohen and George Monbiot, but we've never quite got to the bottom of what it's all about, despite reading a very informative piece in the LRB last year by Jenny  Turner. So we asked Richard, author of Don't Get Fooled Again: A Sceptic's Handbook, to attend the Institute's flagship event, the Battle of Ideas, to see what he could find out. His piece is now online, so see what you make of his conclusions and let us know your views by commenting on the article.

Also, if you didn't catch them all before Christmas, be sure to check out the backstage videos from our Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People shows, featuring Al Murray, Ben Goldacre, Richard Herring, Josie Long, Ed Byrne and many more. They're all available on our YouTube channel. Last to be uploaded before Christmas was Stewart Lee – here he is talking about his state of mind. Enjoy.

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