Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brand loyalty gets a boost with new Church of England website

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A screengrab from the new C of E homepage
Is the Church of England's image undergoing a PR overhaul? Our own religious demography correspondent reports...
"Looks like the PR chaps have taken over at the poor old Church of England, doubtless trying to undo some of the harmful publicity the masochistic Bishops and Archbishops constantly garner. The latest evidence of PR in the ascendant is the new C of E website, which appeared out of the blue last weekend. The old website was replete with statistics from the C of E's own market research, most of which showed church attendances dwindling, and the use of churches for baptisms, marriages and funerals downright plummeting. Somebody must have twigged that all this negative info wasn't good for the C of E's brand image, as the with-it parsons call it, so the detailed data has now been replaced by brief sentences from the PR lexicon which try to put a smoothie gloss on the difficulties, using phrases such as 'as many as x%...' (which really means 'as few as x%....') , and 'almost stable at...' (which means 'a slightly smaller fall than last year, at....') and the like. How much, in bankers' bonus equivalents, are the PR chappies are being paid for this wise counsel d'you think?"
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