Friday, 3 December 2010

Oh come on Stephen, surely even you can't be serious this time?

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What's affronting Stephen Green's moral conscience this week? A new mosque under construction in the dome of St Paul's? Satanist sacrifices on the spot where Thomas Beckett was martyred? Babies being declared gay by midwives the moment they exit the womb?

Actually. it's worse. Tesco are selling a Twilight advent calendar:
"It’s sickening to see the message of Jesus Christ being hijacked to peddle a brand like Twilight, which to all intents and purposes proclaims an anti-religious cult. Twilight may be fiction, but it is dangerous to mix-up such a story in the minds of impressionable children with that of the Nativity."
Oh, the humanity! Does this guy even believe what comes out of his own mouth any more? I'm seriously beginning to wonder whether, in the parlance of our times, he's simply in it for the lulz.

[With thanks to David Craggs for the tip off]
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