Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bishop bashes Christian persecution complex

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Further to my previous post on former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey's ludicrous "Not Ashamed" campaign against the non-existent "War on Christmas" and other perceived acts of oppression against Christians in Britain, it's important to emphasise the fact that many Christians agree with secularists and humanists on these matters. Indeed, plenty of Christians online, such as the eChurch Blog blogger, for example, have been pointing out that they're, well, ashamed by the "Not Ashamed" campaign.

It was via eChurch Blog that I was alerted to an excellent contribution by the Bishop of Croydon, Nick Baines, to Channel 4's Thought-for-the-Day-alike TV slot, in which he points out that Christians are not a persecuted minority in the UK. If only some his colleagues, like Lord Carey and Michael Nazir-Ali, who is also supporting "Not Ashamed", would take his arguments on board.

Do take a moment to watch the Nick Baines video – it's a nice reminder that the "War and Christmas" and other such nonsense are generally, as I suggested in a comment on the earlier post, the preserve of tabloid rags and the more conservative fringes of British Christianity, who seem to have a wish to reclaim Christmas as something purely for Christians. In their eyes, loss of brand exclusivity appears to equal persecution.
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