Thursday, 18 November 2010

Quiz a creationist

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The British Centre for Science Education, which campaigns against the teaching of creationism and intelligent design, have provided a handy list of questions audience can ask leading ID-proponent Michael Behe during forthcoming UK speaking tour, which is organised by the new Glasgow-based Centre for Intelligent Design. The tour starts in Leamington Spa on Saturday (20 Nov), before heading to venues in London, Glasgow, Belfast, Cambridge, Bournemouth and Oxford.

Here are the first three questions, to give you an idea:
1) What is the difference, if any, between Intelligent Design and any other God-of-thegaps reasoning? In particular, between ID and the famous watch/designer argument put forward in 1800 by the theologian William Paley?

2) Why have Prof Behe’s own departmental colleagues issued a statement saying that “intelligent design has no basis in science, has not been tested experimentally, and should not be regarded as scientific”? And why have the UK National Guidelines and Scottish Qualifications Authority made similar statements?

3) Why is Prof Behe speaking on this tour in three churches and no science departments?
I'll be attending an event myself on Monday afternoon in London, when Behe is debating with the bioethicist Michael Reiss (who stepped down from the role of Director of Education at the Royal Society in 2008 after suggesting that teachers should be prepared to tackle questions on ID and creationism in science lessons), so maybe I'll print out a copy of the questions and take them along - it'll be interesting to see if any other audience members end up using them.
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