Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hitchens interviewed by Paxman

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Jeremy Paxman interviews
Christopher Hitchens on Newsnight
For anyone who missed it, I thought I'd share the iPlayer link for Jeremy Paxman's extended interview with Christopher Hitchens, which was broadcast on Newsnight yesterday. Hitchens talks candidly about religion, history, politics, writing and, of course, his cancer. It's highly recommended viewing. Here's a quote that stood out for me, when Paxman asked him about the conflict with Islamism:
"I refuse to be told what to think, or how, let alone what to say or write. But certainly not by people who claim the authority of fabricated works of primeval myth and fiction, and want me to believe that these are divine. That I won't have. That's the original repudiation. The first rebellion against mental slavery comes from saying, this is man-made, it's not divine."
[Unfortunately BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK, but it does seem to have made it on to YouTube as well]
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