Monday, 8 November 2010

Eagleton takes HRH to task...

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Humanists have their differences with Terry Eagleton, but when it comes to dishing out an intellectual kicking, there are few writers that can compete with the Marxist firebrand. Full marks, therefore, must go to the member of the Guardian's editorial staff who had the idea of sending Eagleton a review copy of Prince Charles' (with a little help from two other writers) new book Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, as the result is simply sublime.

Just have a look for yourself – Charles' peddling of his own blend of new-age-spirtuality-meets-monotheism-with-some-anti-scientific-environmentalism-throw-in-for-good-measure mumbo jumbo has earned him a nomination for our prestigious Bad Faith Award, and it seems his ghostwriters have helped him compile his beliefs into one handy, easy to demolish volume. It's a book that could have been published just to entertain crtics, and Eagleton has certainly had some fun with it. And in the process, the former Professor of Cultural Theory at the University of Manchester seems to reveal that who knows who Jedward are, although he doesn't say whether he's a fan.

So does this boost Charles' chances of taking the Bad Faith Award to Sandringham this Christmas? He's currently sitting in 4th place behind Ann Widdecombe, with an Islamic fundamentalist 1-2 leading the field. Here's the poll if you still haven't placed  your vote.

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