Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Biblical correctness gone mad confirmed as evangelicals complain about BBC Halloween coverage

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A few weeks ago, I light-heartedly suggested that the Christians who like to accuse non-believers of waging an annual "War on Christmas" might like to take a look at their own yearly "War on Halloween", in which they display the harmless celebration of a pagan holiday as akin to opening the gates of hell and inviting Satan, Saddam and pals round for tea.

As I say, I was half joking, but the Christian Legal Centre, the evangelical pressure group that is usually behind court cases regarding Christians allegedly discriminated against in the workplace (think praying nurses and BA cross-wearing and the like), have today lived up to their reputation by launching a public complaint against the BBC for its coverage of pagans in Weymouth celebrating Samhain, the Celtic festival from which Halloween originates.

Speaking to the Telegraph (never an organ to turn down a spot of BBC-bashing), the director of the Christian Legal Centre, Andrea Williams, said:
“It’s not always healthy to represent such beliefs as paganism as mainstream, particularly when our national faith is so often pushed to the edges.

“It’s vital that our national broadcaster remembers our great Christian heritage and all the precepts that come from it that are good for the nation. I would like to see this more clearly recognised.”
So it's actually less about a fear of evil demons and people walking round with pumpkins for heads and that kind of thing, and more a fear of the "marginalisation" of Christianity. Because as the Papal Visit in September shows, the BBC never gives any coverage to Christian stories. Or to definitely-not-appropriated-from-Paganism Christian festivals like Christmas or Easter.

Of course, the irony is that groups like the Christian Legal Centre will be spending the next couple of months complaining that everyone is trying to ban Christmas, even though they're not. Might be a good time to remind them of their War on Halloween.

It is, as I said last month, Biblical correctness gone mad.

Update: the BBC have responded to the complaints with this piece on their site
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