Monday, 15 November 2010

Atheist blogger jailed in West Bank

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Index on Censorship report that Palestinian atheist blogger Waleed Al-Husseini, has been arrested and imprisoned in Qalqilya in the West Bank for posting his non-religious views on his blog The Light of Reason (Arabic) and a Facebook page entitled "Allah". You can learn more about Waleed and his work in this blogpost by Egyptian blogger Marwa Rakha, who includes a quote from his Blogger profile:
"My dear visitors, I am seeking the truth. In my writings, I am not trying to twist facts to the favor of my arguments. I am just posing questions that many of us do not dare to ask and I urge you to be honest with yourselves while attempting to find the answers. We are not two parties at war against one another. We will not be dragged into a futile attempt to prove who is the fittest by discrediting each other. If someone can refute my arguments and prove the fallacy of my logic, I will listen and respond rationally. I will not mock his opinions or manipulate words to prove my points. I am not an enemy of Islam or Muslims; after all, we are all seeking the same thing – the truth. To be more precise, I know I am not the Muslim's best friend. I am not against Islam in particular, I am just a human being who is tired of watching the world collapse around us because of religions and religious strifes. It is ironic how Islamic scholars contribute such wars and destruction to the lack of faith. My dear believer, I urge you to use the brains you were given to seek your own truth instead of lazily relying on the misleading pacifying translations and interpretations of others. I have faith in you! I know you will not settle for fake half truths that were clearly manipulated to serve the best interest of those who promote them. I hope you are a truth seeker not just someone who is looking for a validation for what he believes to be the truth."
 A petition calling for his release has been launched by the Arabic-speaking Irreligious Coalition, with the aim of securing 7,000 signatures. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to freeing Waleed. Do sign up and help spread the word.
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