Thursday, 21 October 2010

November issue now on sale in 1,300+ stores nationwide

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Our new November/December issue is now on sale in stores across the UK, in selected branches of WH Smiths and independent newsagents, together with part two of our very special free gift –  our hit card game God Trumps.

In our cover story, Francis Beckett outlines his proposal for Britain's first avowedly humanist state school, suggesting that it's time secularists made use of the education system as it stands and provided an antidote to religious schools. He's looking to hear from anyone interested in getting involved in such a project. Meanwhile, Rabbi Jonathan Romain of the Accord Coalition warns against the idea, arguing that humanists must be careful not to fall into the faith school trap.

Also in the new issue, Stephanie Merritt speaks to Al Murray, Robin Ince and Josie Long as she traces the rise of godless, sceptical comedy, Isabel Hilton reports on Tibet's search for a secular alternative to the Dalai Lama, Jonathan Rée reveals Nietzsche the punk philosopher, Laurie Taylor meets Telegraph thunderer Simon Heffer and Nobel Prize-winning chemist Harry Kroto talks bucky-balls and belief. There's also a match report on the Papal Visit and Protest the Pope demonstrations, and much, much more.

With over 1,300 stores stocking New Humanist nationwide, you’ll have no problem finding a copy near you. You can search for your nearest store by downloading our distribution list (PDF, 270KB) and searching for your town or the first part of your postcode.
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