Thursday, 16 September 2010

Top Tip - Big Media, why not save money by stealing content from charity magazines without attribution

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Being humanists we are benevolent, so here's some free advice for big media, who we know are going through a terribly hard time. Instead of bothering to produce your own content why not just steal it from small charity magazines? To avert any suspicion that you stole it make sure not to credit the original source so your readers (and listeners) will think you had the wit and gumption to get original quotes yourself.

Yes we mean you Daily Mail (see Claire Rayner quote), Times (Dawkins quote, no link so we can't even read our own content!)) and (say it ain't so) Today Programme (who credited the Times with our Dawkins quote oh the irony). Today's Guardian was in the frame too, Michael White used the Dawkins quote wrongly attributed, but then their web team pulled it back by linking correctly to us (for which thanks).
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