Monday, 20 September 2010

A film to look forward to this Chr... Winterval

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It's a lovely September day here in London, but quite frankly I'm gearing up for the holiday winter solstice Festivus season. That's because I just watched the trailer for the forthcoming movie Christmas with a Capital 'C', starring Ted McGinley and Daniel "Not Alec, or even Stephen" Baldwin, in which an embittered secularist returns to a small Alaska town after years living in the "big city", becomes mayor and proceeds to wage war on the good, honest, God-fearing townspeople's celebration of an old-fashioned Christian Christmas. As, obviously, any atheist would, he gets Christmas banned in the name of the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and does all sorts of breathtakingly evil things, like replacing signs saying "Merry Christmas" with signs saying "Season's Greetings".

It's clearly this winter's must-see film. Let's just hope the Daily Mail don't pick up on it, or we could be seeing a British remake in our cinemas in time for Christmas 2011.

[Via Adam Rutherford on Twitter]
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