Wednesday, 4 August 2010

One way of dealing with bigotry

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It's hard to know how to deal with a bunch of publicity-seeking bigots like the viciously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church (although by "church", they actually mean one deranged man and his extended family). Do you ignore them, starving them of the oxygen of publicity, or do you mount a counter-protest to their ludicrous-yet-horrifically-offensive pickets of US soldiers' funerals, ensuring as many people as possible are aware of their rabid and absurd homophobia ("-phobia" really seems too mild in this case)?

The fellow in this photo appears to have found a way of combining both those tactics – he's mounted a counter-protest, but he's telling you to ignore them. With great brevity.

Perhaps it's an approach we in the UK should consider for our own bigots, like Stephen Green?

[I found this photo via Anton Vowl on Twitter – unfortunately I couldn't trace it back to its source (here's the link), hence there's no credit for the photographer. But if anyone has any idea where it came from, let me know]
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