Tuesday, 3 August 2010

After New Atheism: Where now for the God debate?

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We're pleased to announce that registration is now open for a debate we're hosting with the RSA on 21 September entitled "After New Atheism: Where now for the God debate?"
"Since the publication of 'The God Delusion' in 2006, the debate over the role of religion in society has become dominated by the so-called New Atheists - Dawkins, Hitchens, Grayling - and the frequently defensive responses from those trying to defend faith from an attack they claim to be crude and simplistic.

The arguments have often been entertaining, but have we learnt anything?
Whatever your take on God is it time the debate moved forward and took a different tone?

If so, who might be its guiding lights?

A panel of expert commentators - Orange prize-winning novelist Marilynne Robinson, philosopher Roger Scruton and humanist historian Jonathan Rée - discuss the future of the God debate in a session chaired by broadcaster Laurie Taylor."
It takes place at the RSA's central London building at 6pm on 21 September – it's free and open to all, but limited space and expected high demand mean it'd be wise to book your seats now via the RSA website.

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