Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Humanist Week

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From one "week" to another – last week was Homoeopathy Awareness Week and, in pleasant contrast, this week is Humanist Week (we must be working our way through the 'H's'), the British Humanist Association's annual celebration of all things humanist. This year the theme is "Humanist Heritage" which, say the BHA, involves "celebrating humanist contributions to British society, across the centuries".

Over at the BHA's Humanist Life site you can read articles by some of their distinguished supporters and members, in which they nominate their "Humanist Heroes" – current contributions include Arthur C Clarke, Bertolt Brecht and Tim Minchin. And you can get involved yourself at the Humanist Heritage website, "a new resource that allows people to upload information about their local area and how it relates to Humanism and celebrate great artistic, scientific and social contributions based on a humanist perspective".