Friday, 25 June 2010

German psychic octopus predicts beating England on Sunday

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If any English sceptics out there aren't already fully behind the England football team as we approach Sunday's World Cup showdown with Germany, look at this. Those pesky Germans (or more accurately, some pesky Germans working at Oberhausen Sea Life Centre) are using a psychic octopus called Paul to predict the outcome of their national side's games. A psychic octupus! And he thinks we're going to lose.

Come on sceptics. Now is surely the time to nail your colours to the mast.

(One final thought on this - I wonder what Pharyngula blogger PZ Myers, famous both for his scepticism and his love of cephalopods, would make of a psychic octopus?)

Update: Well we know what PZ thinks – "I don't believe in precognition, but I do think octopuses are smart. It's more likely that Paul is sneaking out of his tank at night to read the sports magazines, and then makes informed decisions about likely results of the matches".


Anonymous said...

Well, a psychic octopus is better than the war rhetoric of the British rainbow press ;-)

Anonymous said...

You got that one
I'm German and I love this blog, but I sure hope the octopus is right! :))

Anonymous said...

He thinks octopi can read the papers just like anyone else.

Caspar Melville said...

He was!

Rejis said...

I hope he is right against Argentina as well!