Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Financial crisis – is Marx the answer?

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The front cover of our new issue features a rather fresh-looking Karl Marx, cigar in mouth, rising from his grave in Highgate Cemetery. The reason? The issue features Laurie Taylor's in-depth interview with David Harvey, the New York-based Marxist geographer who is suddenly being taken seriously by economists following of his book The Enigma of Capital, which offers a Marxist explanation for the current financial crisis.

Could the answer to our current woes lie in Marx? Read the interview with Harvey then have a good old-fashioned debate by commenting on this post.


Eiskrystal said...

Growth for the sake of growth. Something that was never really going to work on a finite planet.

Capitalism is fast losing its allure now. This would be a good time to point out that working harder to buy more stuff you don't need on credit you can't afford to pay back is not going to make you happy, regardless of how stimulating the economy finds it. The economy needs to diet. painful as that will be, it's still better than having it pop.

Ignore the advertising, the greenest way to shop is not to buy something in the first place.

Wes G said...

i don't think its fair to say Harvey is a lone speaker in this field, even if it does seem so at the moment. the Zeitgeist movie P2 'by peter joseph' said all this long ago yet all those that have watched it or tried to 'spread' the word have been ridiculed or have been rubbished as conspiracy theorists and nut jobs. Harvey is bang on , its just a shame it has taken so long for many to jump on his band wagon, i too have long thought our society is corrupted by greed but who wants to hear that they are broken/greedy people; no one. i have been trying to write a book myself based on the greed of men but is a far deeper subject than i first imagined, a problem that is deep rooted into each and every one of us , installed into our brains from an early age and affecting every aspect of our lives, my opinion is that the monetary problems we have today are the same problems we have as children in that the 'big boys' always try and take your sweets, and the only way to counter a bully is to fight back, i just hope the fight is a peaceful one.