Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Daily Rowson #6: You're f****** nicked

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For today's Martin Rowson cartoon, I thought I'd reveal one we never actually published. It was the first option for our 2004 cover story on David Blunkett's incitement to religious hatred legislation (I posted the actual cover the other day), but was deemed too bloody by the then-editors to adorn the cover of a magazine. Self-censorship, or just a wise decision given the magazine had to be sold in branches of Borders? Either way, we think it's a very funny swipe at religious sensitivities. Also, I think this is the first time we've actually published it anywhere, so you could argue I'm making history as I type.

This image was one of those sold yesterday as our exhibition opened at the Menier Gallery in Southwark. We had a very successful auction last night, with more than 20 items sold, but with more than 150 items in the exhibition, you still have the chance to get your hands on an original piece of blasphemous Martin Rowson artwork. The exhibition is open every day from 10am-6pm until Saturday 12 June, when it closes at 4pm. Admission is free, so why not pop in and see this fascinating collection of New Humanist covers, cartoons, and illustrations. And if you think any of the exhibits deserve pride of place on your godless wall, you can enquire about buying at the gallery. There are also signed posters and books on sale there.


Raj said...

I'm sure I've seen that image before. I don't keep my old NHs but did you maybe use this image for subscribers or something?

Paul Sims said...

I just checked the issue it was drawn for and they didn't use it in there, but it is possible they put it in the magazine at some point. It would have been a waste not to!

Oh well, there goes my "world first" claim!

Caspar Melville said...

Its on the subs card in the middle pages of the magazine...